IFNYC#27: Stareable Founder Ajay Kishore

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Today I’m speaking with the Ajay Kishore, the founder of Stareable.  As an avid connoisseur of  episodic content, Ajay realises that it is increasingly difficult to find all the great content out there in the increasingly fragmented space of the internet.  He is changing that by centralizing webseries content on Starable.

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Finding the Television that Best Speaks to You

Webseries are a fun form of filmmaking.  I’ve seen everything from buddy comedies to horror to fantasy to sci-fi.  Some web series are defacto film schools for filmmakers.  Producing a series allows them to hone their technical skills, improve their writing style and develop their voice.  Still others set out to produce short episodic content with production value and a level of screenwriting.

Stareable’s focus on webseries is a direct result of Ajay’s passion for episodic content.  Stareable is part VOD platform, part curation, and a resource for makers of episodic web content to expand their audience and grow as filmmakers.

Stare Your Content

So, If you’ve got episodic web content that you are looking to get out into the world and grow an audience for, listen to what Ajay has to say about Stareable.  If you like what he has to say, shoot him an email about your webseries and become part of this growing and evolving platform.


Connect with other Filmmakers

Stareable is committed to not only providing a platform for you to grow your audience, but to help you grow through creating a shared community.  If you are in New York City, you can take advantage of monthly filmmaker meet-ups and a screening series.  For information on the meet-ups, sign up for the Stareable mailing list, and to be a part of the screening series look for them on FilmFreeway.


Stareable Website
Stareable Blog
February 15, 2017 – Filmmaker Meet-Up
Tribeca Tavern – 247 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Screening Series – FilmFreeway

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I would encourage anyone to reach out to me if they want to share their story on the podcast.  So, if that’s a specific film, a web series or a full body of work over that spans your career thus far, my aim is to bring these stories to my listeners in the hopes that it will inspire, teach and provide useful advice so they can also get their projects completed.

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