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So. You want to be a filmmaker?

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All filmmakers begin their journey in roughly the same place.  Once you know that you want to make films, you now have to go out and figure out the process.  Thanks to the internet and modern technology, you can find some basic information to build off of on your way to becoming a master at the craft.

This fun and informative video by contributor Nicky Mudryy is a tutorial on the 6 basic steps to get you started as a filmmaker.  The steps include an overview on the production process, how to plan a film shoot, the shooting stage, editing, and getting your films seen.  Each of these steps will tell you what you need to do, and why.  In future episodes, Nicky will delve further into each step with more advanced information.

You can find out more videos by Nicky Mudryy on his YouTube channel: moodryyOFFICIAL

And you can contact him on Twitter: @nmudryy



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