IFNYC#015: Matthew T. Price & His Feature Film Other Halves

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Other Halves – A Feature Film by Matthew T. Price

On this episode of the podcast I spoke with filmmaker Matthew T. Price from California about his feature film, Other Halves.

Other Halves Poster Art

Other Halves Poster Art

Other Halves is available now:

I talk to a lot of filmmakers who are trying to make their own independent feature films.  One of the most common stories I hear is that a filmmaker has done a short film or two, garnered a few laurels from various film festivals and now they feel that they’re ready to tackle a feature project.  More often than not, these award winning filmmakers are stuck because they are having difficulty raising a budget for their project.

There are many different avenues available for filmmakers today to raise a budget.  They can crowdfund, put together a business plan and entice private investors, open up a credit card, donate their body to scientific experiments, or a number of other methods.

Matthew Price directing Melanie Friedrich

Matthew Price directing Melanie Friedrich

Those are all viable methods for funding the production of your film, but they all assume that the filmmaker is ready right now to take the step of making a feature, and while some people may indeed be ready now, it seems that there is a good number of filmmakers who are in effect trying to shortcut the collaborative process that the film industry is built on.

Great, groundbreaking ideas from visionary directors will always rise to the top and create their own energy around them.  But those types of films are outliers and rarely happen.  Most films from a first time director will be good at best, but rarely great.  

Matthew Price is someone who took more of a long view approach on his journey to making his first feature film, and all with no contacts in the industry when he moved to LA.

Matthew explains how he started his career as a production assistant.  He worked his way through productions of various sizes and all that experience gave him the opportunity to expand his network of fellow filmmakers just by being a part of the process.  There was no magic formula, other than working hard and making friends wherever he went.
As Matthew says himself during the interview:

If you find yourself in a position where you have to literally pay everybody.  Nobody is going to do  you any favors.  Nobody is going to bring their own stuff to set.  Then you don’t have enough friends.  You’re not ready to make a movie in this business which is all about your connections.  Frankly, if you don’t have that many friends then you haven’t been doing this long enough.
— Matthew Price

The Other Halves team hard at work. From left to right- Devon (Lauren Lakis), Jana (Melanie Friedrich), Shawn (Sam Schweikert), and Beth (Megan Hui)

The Other Halves team hard at work.
From left to right- Devon (Lauren Lakis), Jana (Melanie Friedrich), Shawn (Sam Schweikert), and Beth (Megan Hui)


The Spielberg Oner – One Scene, One Shot from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.


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