IFNYC#012 Making a Living as a Producer with Jenna Edwards

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Making a Living as a Producer

with Jenna Edwards


Jenna Edwards is an award winning producer and produced the first narrative feature with Hulu. Jenna is on a mission to shift the independent film scene so that it is a thriving, viable option for artists and filmmakers, and to saturate the film industry with meaningful, creative, or fantastical films created by passion.


I first became aware of Jenna Edwards a few months ago when I heard her on the Indie Film Academy Podcast with Jason Buff [IFA #55: Creative Ways to Produce Indie Features with Jenna Edwards]. The story of her path to producing is interesting and definitely not the typical story one hears. I encourage you to listen to Jason’s conversation with Jenna, as well as the episode of Film Trooper where Jenna talks with Scott McMahon about how she overcame PTSD from a horrific event and used that experience to produce films that matter to her [114: Overcoming Death and Making Movies That Matter with Jenna Edwards].


Jenna’s positive attitude towards filmmaking and life in general, and her focus are infectious. She truly belives in the power of film to impact people’s lives in meaningful ways and has stories to back it up.


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Being that her backstory was pretty well covered, I wanted to talk to Jenna about the practical application of her knowledge where it applies to you indie filmmakers out there who are looking to either produce your own work or find a producer to work with you. Jenna has a lot of experience with the relationships between indie filmmakers and producers and gives you a peek into that world.


We covered so many things in an hour that it’s almost an entire course in film producing. If you’re unsure at all about the role of a producer, you’ve got to listen to this conversation.
We also delve into what’s behind Jenna Edwards Media, and Indie Movie Mastery, the businesses that Jenna formed with the main purpose being to help filmmakers not only get their films made, but to make a living while doing so. She has some great products and tools for you to use and you can also hire her directly as a consulting producer. Definitely take a look at her website and check out what she has to offer.


When you listen to my conversation with Jenna Edwards, you may want to grab a pen and paper and take some notes.


As she mentions in the interview, make sure you hop on Twitter Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, search for #JEMchat – click on the live tab and join in on the conversations she facilitates for filmmakers to learn. It’s a great forum for you to get direct contact with a working producer who is willing to peel back the curtain and help disseminate some much needed information.


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