IFNYC#011 WriterDuet: The New Standard for Screenwriting

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Writer Duet: The New Standard for Screenwriting

with Guy Goldstein


For episode 11, I wanted to talk about WriterDuet and put some focus on screenwriting software, one of the most important tools for a filmmaker, because without a script, there is arguably no film.

I discovered WriterDuet about a year or two ago and it’s the screenwriting software that I always advocate people use when they ask me for a recommendation. So, because I thought it’d be useful to the IndieFilmNYC audience, I jumped onto the internet and connected with the creator of the product, Guy Goldstein. Guy is a hands on CEO that has built his company from the ground up with with a grass roots, word of mouth style of marketing.

While Final Draft continues to often be considered industry standard due to its integration with support software for scheduling and budget breakdowns, WriterDuet is fast becoming the go to choice for screenwriting software by the modern filmmaker.

One of the reasons WriterDuet is gaining popularity is because it is one of the most flexible programs on the market. WriterDuet has the ability to directly import scripts written in most of the major screenwriting software choices available. It can also export an FDX file that can be opened in Final Draft or any of the aforementioned support applications without any need for reformatting or conforming like some importers.


Sign up for Writer Duet

If you’re interested in signing up for Writer Duet, please use our affiliate link – it helps out Indie Film NYC [ https://writerduet.com/?link=BM2HX2AH ]

Because of the ability to be nimble and adapt to changing needs in the screenwriting industry at a moment’s notice, such as the rapidly growing film industry in China, WriterDuet is becoming popular on a world wide level. I find the story of the company’s beginnings and its rapid growth to be both fascinating and important in the filmmaking world.

As an indie filmmaker, the products that are flexible, responsive and help facilitate work flow are invaluable because they allow us to get more done with limited resources. The fact that it’s a fully professional level program also allows the indie filmmakers work on projects for themselves or on a bigger budget production with a seamless workflow.

What excites me most about WriterDuet, besides its amazing functionality, is the ability for real time collaboration with other writers. Indie filmmakers are often in a position where they are working on multiple projects and holding day jobs in order to bring their stories to life. Finding time to physically meet up with a writing partner, then make notes and changes can eat up valuable time.

WriterDuet allows each collaborator on the script to log in through their own computer to review changes by other writers and even work on the script together, in real time.

John Fallon’s Indie Film NYC is part of the Writer Duet affiliate program, so if you’re interested in trying Writer Duet for yourself, please follow this link [ https://writerduet.com/?link=BM2HX2AH ] to sign up totally free of charge. You don’t even need to enter a credit card.  You are encouraged to test out the software for as long as you like and there is nothing to pay until you decide you’d like the upgrade. Only when you upgrade will Indie Film NYC get a percentage of the sale, and that helps us grow the site and pay for things like web hosting.


Writer Duet’s List of Features

There are some features, like the password protected encryption, that are only available on the pro version, but Guy is so sure that you won’t be able to live without WriterDuet once you try it, that he gave the free version more than enough functionality to create professional level screenplays right away.

As he said during the interview, of course, he hopes that you’ll pay for the upgrade because it helps the company grow, but if you’re going to only use free software, he hopes you choose the Writer Duet software.






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