IFNYC#010 Self Distribution w/ Selena Paskalidis of dotStudioPro

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The Next Evolution of Video Distribution

with Selena Paskalidis of dotStudioPro

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After a couple of the more creative based interviews where I spoke with some great screenwriters, Bob Saenz and Michael E. Bierman, and Actress Shannon Hamm, I wanted to put the focus back onto the business side, and specifically how we as filmmakers are going to solve the question about how we are going to turn filmmaking into a sustainable living.

So, for episode 10 of the podcast I got the opportunity to speak with Selena Paskalidis of dotStudioPro about the mySPOTLIGHT.tv competition and how dotStudioPro is bringing you the Next Evolution of Video Distribution.

Now, if you want to give the platform a test, and I sure did, then sign up right now for the mySpotlight.tb Video Competition. The link is myspotlight.tv/video-competition and I’ll leave a link in the show notes too.



If you want in on the contest, you have to be signed up by Thursday September 8. I know that’s soon, but if you get signed up, you’ll still have a couple days to sort everything out, because the competition actually runs for ten days starting on September 16.

If you find this episode later, or you’re just not ready yet, don’t worry. They have plans to hold more competitions throughout the year, so you can hit up the next one.

But the main reason I want you to sign up, either for the contest or not, is to start exploring the opportunities that they’re providing filmmakers who are part of their site.

Selena really breaks everything down in our conversation, but in a nutshell, dotStudioPro is a way for you to build a distribution platform that is part of a larger community, it’s designed and run entirely by you, and gives you the ability to distribute and syndicate almost anywhere.

Recently there have been a lot of great developments in self distribution. One that I found potentially exciting was Amazon Prime. Now, Amazon’s biggest selling point is that they are offering you access to a very large base of potential viewers. This is great, but in practice, I personally found that it’s not as easy as throwing your content up there and watching the bank account grow.

First, the upload process didn’t seem to be as modern or smooth as it should be. We had 13 episodes or our first season of Wow, I Never Knew That! which we were trying to upload. We had the uploader fail multiple times and the speed was really slow. After about 3 weeks of fails and attempts, everything is finally uploaded… you can go right now and watch episodes of our show, but at the end of the day, it’s really up to the creatives to drive people to the Amazon Prime links.

With dotStudioPro, it’s still going to require a lot of your time and energy, but two things make this a potential game changer for me. The first is that these people really care about what’s on the site and who the content creators are. They’re always looking for ways to help those creators be successful.

The second reason is that with dotStudioPro you’re able to distribute your content to where you need it to go. No longer do they need to go exclusively to a content platform [like Amazon Prime Video], but you’re able to embed where you choose. If your audience is on Facebook, they can watch directly on Facebook. What that means is you’re bringing your content to where your audience hangs out.

This is something I’m truly excited about, so please listen my conversation with Selena Paskalidis of dotStudioPro.





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