IFNYC #009 – Michael E. Bierman – Breaking into Screenwriting

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Breaking into Screenwriting with Michael E. Bierman

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For episode number nine of the Indie Film NYC Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak to Michael E Bierman, a screenwriter from the Atlanta area. Michael is a multi-award winning screenwriter with over 40 awards in top tier international screenwriting contests. His script “Needles” was selected for both Top 10 Scripts for Science Fiction and Top 10 Scripts for Horror by Frank Darabont at the 2015 Austin Film Festival.

With Shane Black

With Shane Black

Michael has had a few careers on his journey through life, but he is relatively new to screenwriting, having picked it up about three or four years ago. Because of his diverse background he’s seemingly got a story for every occasion, and that ability to tell an engaging story comes through in his writing. He has that original voice that producers are always talking about.

With Terry Rossio

With Terry Rossio

Michael was very candid in our conversation and we touch on topics like getting started in screenwriting, the importance of contests, copyrighting your work, and why IMDb Pro is a valuable tool when you’re connecting with people to work with. 

The other topic Michael is passionate about is learning to produce your own micro budget work.  He believes that if you want to get your stories and your vision out to the world, you need to learn to build a team of collaborators and self produce your own films.  Being able to produce one’s own work because of the falling costs in technology, and filmmaking tools being more accessible to the us than ever, producing your own shorts and features nimbly is one major area that indie filmmakers have an advantage over the studio system.



I got a ton of information about screenwriting from my talk with Michael E. Bierman and I hope you will too. I’ve said it before, but I don’t mind repeating, the script is the blueprint your film, and if that film is not built on a solid foundation, then making your film will be that much harder. So it’s in your best interest to have the best screenplay possible before going into production.

In my opinion Michael gives some really great insight and advice to how to grow as an artist and screenwriter and put yourself out there.

Being a filmmaker is a long journey, and success takes time, but if you always strive to do excellent work and prove that you’re someone who can deliver quality work on time, then the people you’re working with will not only want to work with you again, but they will recommend you to others who are looking for a solid collaborator.

It’s my hope that people find this podcast and the website and find ways to connect with each other, so that we can make those kinds of connections here as well. If there are any other ways that IndieFilmNYC can expand and offer you something that’s lacking, please reach out and let me know. You can do that by leaving a comment on any of the show pages, emailing me at john@indiefilmnyc.com, or go to the contact page at indiefilmnyc.com/contact



  • Michael E. Bierman – @plague_gremlin on Twitter
  • Michael E. Bierman – IMDb Page
With Andrew Kevin Walker

With Andrew Kevin Walker

The three books that Michael recommends as “the only” books you’ll need for your screenwriting education are:

Your CUT TO: Is Showing: The Most Complete Spec Screenplay Formatting Guide Ever Written – A resource for Formatting.

The 21st Century Screenplay: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Tomorrow’s Films – A resource for Plot & Structure.

The Screenwriter’s Bible, 6th Edition: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script (Expanded & Updated) – A resource for General Knowledge.


** The links to the books on Amazon.com are routed through our affiliate program, so if you’re going to buy the books, buying them through our affiliate links helps out IndieFilmNYC.com **

With John Lee Hancock

With John Lee Hancock


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