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IFNYC #008 – The Acting Process with Shannon Hamm

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The Acting Process with  Shannon Hamm

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My guest today is, Shannon Hamm, an actress who lives and work in New York City. I met Shannon a couple of years ago when I was directing my web series, My New Roommate, and she had a supporting role in one of the episodes. [link to episode here]

I think a lot of Independent filmmaking books, websites, blogs, and podcasts spend a lot of time, rightly so, on the nuts and bolts of making a film and focusing on the crew members that make up the production team, but can have a tendency to forget about the people in front of the lens.

The truth is, the most interesting movies can fall flat if there are not talented and charismatic actors that the audience can emotionally engage with bringing the director’s vision to life. Coupled with the trend of actors taking agency over their career by themselves becoming filmmakers, I thought it important to bring you some insight into the life of a working actor.

So, whether you’re an actor yourself, trying to figure out how to navigate the stormy waters of studying, casting calls and booking jobs, or a filmmaker who wants some insight into the actor’s process, the experiences that Shannon reveals during our conversation will give you information that you won’t find in any filmmaking books.

My New Roommate: Episode 2 (Bo Jackson)

I’m so happy that I got to bring on Shannon Hamm and have such an insightful conversation with her.

Shannon’s attitude towards the business and her work ethic should be an inspiration to anyone who wants to jump into this crazy business.

One of the things I hope you notice when you listen to all these interviews with filmmakers from around the country is that most people who are successful value cultivating strong and mutually beneficial relationships with other people in the business. The more you can offer people, the more likely they will want to work with you.

That’s especially true in indie filmmaking because resources are so thin and everyone is trying to scrape together the essentials to get their film done. There simply isn’t enough time to deal with drama and waste, because that can be the death of a production.

It’s my hope that people find this podcast and the website and find ways to connect with each other, so that we can make those kinds of connections here as well. If there are any other ways that IndieFilmNYC can expand and offer you something that’s lacking, please reach out and let me know. You can do that by leaving a comment on any of the show pages, emailing me at, or go to the contact page at




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