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IFNYC #007: Timothy Dark – The Future Music Video

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On the set of “The Future” Music Video with Timothy Dark

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** Disclaimer: The Video for the future has an anti Donald Trump message to it.  IndieFilmNYC does not support or endorse any particular presidential candidate.  We are simply a forum interested in the filmmaking aspects of the video and the inclusion of this artist’s message in no way implies a political stance on our part.  IndieFilmNYC is not the forum for political discussion.  Thank you **

In this episode I did something a little different from the straightforward interviews I’ve done on previous episodes and bring you some short interviews by different crew members on a live set.

After being invited to the set of his controversial new music video, “The Future,” I got the chance to speak with Hip-Hop Artist, Revolutionary and Bronx native, Timothy Dark.

When it comes to artists who break their back for their work, count Timothy Dark firmly on the list. In the forests of Upstate New York, with the help of co-producer and director Sean Tracy of Monster in the Dark, Timothy was able to bring his vision to life when he shot the video for his song “The Future.” The video outlines a nightmarish vision where Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States.
One great thing about being on set is that there are lots of different people to talk to, and one can get a real sense of how the collaborative process operates in action. Each person has a role or roles that they need to be mindful of, because like a chain, a production can break apart with just one weak link.

When I was on the set, I used the opportunity to bring you some great information from Timothy Dark on how one might develop and produce a music video, but the trade off on set is that everyone is short on time for anything not related to the task at hand, so I kept the interview short and sweet.

But with access to some other filmmaking pros, I had time to squeeze in a short interview with casting director Jules Cortez. Jules gives great advice for how a filmmaker might collaborate with a casting director and how that can add value to your final product.
Then, to give some insight to the actors out there, I spoke with some of the cast. They shared how every role an actor takes is important experience that will help them grow as an artist, no matter the size of the production. Just learning to be comfortable on set is it’s own class in filmmaking.

So, whether your a director, an actor or want to know more about how a casting director works, then this episode will have a variety of information that could be helpful to you as you gear up for that next production.

I hope that you all find some value in listening to the perspective of different crew positions and how those people can bring value to your film. We all need to remember that it’s nearly impossible to make films on your own without any collaborators. The expertise that some of these people can bring is more important than you might think and nurturing relationships that you can lean on through multiple productions is the best way I know of to build a sustainable career.



The music video for Timothy Dark’s, The Future

“The Future” – Behind the Scenes from monstrinthedark on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes on the set of The Future


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