IFNYC #003: Michael Field

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IFNYC 003: Michael Field – WGA Screenwriter & Web Series Producer

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Michael Field started out shooting no-budget skit shows on a VHS-C camera. Attended New York Film Academy in the summer of 1998, where he also produced his first short film, The Day the Mimes Pushed Back, which premiered on IFILM.com to good reviews.

In the fall of 1999, Michael co-founded Up on the Roof productions and moved into the digital age with his first DV short, The Hero. The story of an ordinary man who finds himself saving a damsel in distress placed in the top ten of the TriggerStreet.com Season 2 Online Festival and won “Best in Category” at the 2003 Dragon*con Short Film Festival.

Since then Michael has been honing his craft and with his work writing, producing and directing The Puzzle Maker’s Son [ 2010 – (drama/mystery web series) – Vimeo channel – https://vimeo.com/channels/puzzlemakerson ] he was able to joing the WGA.

Michael’s latest project is called “Life Ends at 30” – Official Website Here.  The short that kicks off the web series was accepted into the ITVFest, and will be screened during this years festival, which runs from October 5 – 9, 2016 in Dover, VT.  The ITVFest – Website

The ITVFest is a great event that I have personal experience with when I attended with a webseries I directed called Common Charges – Produced by Alison Whitney & Jonathan Zipper.  If you’ve got a television pilot, a web series or a short film, there is no better place to network. Unlike big city festivals where it can be difficult to interact with the right people, ITVFest in Vermont offers a unique opportunity to meet fellow professionals and make these lasting connections that can lead to prosperous careers.

Michael Field is also a published author, and his book, “Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout” can be found on Amazon.  The book follows a “kid detective” in the style of Encyclopedia Brown, only now it’s 15 years later and he’s an adult.  He’s returned to his boyhood home and is talked into re-opening the detective agency to solve “one last crime.”  Reviews of the book often mention the cinematic style of his writing, further reinforcing Michael’s love of film and his screenwriting roots.



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One more thing I want to say about web series is that it seems really difficult to cut through the noise to make a successful web series that gets the filmmakers any type of attention. Both Michael and I are torn on our thoughts about whether or not emerging filmmakers should put the energy into a web series.

From this discussion, we have decided to explore the pros and cons of producing a web series. We will most likely explore this through a series of blog posts. I’m also going to put some time into researching what web series were successful and why, and bring that information to you so that you can decide for yourselves if you want to go down the path of a web series. But if you do, I hope that the information we provide will help you make informed decisions about your project and put you in the best position for success, so keep an eye out for that series.

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