16 Steps for Planning and Writing Your Script: Step 4

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Step 4: Identifying Story Ideas

This is part four of our journey to planning and writing your film script or novel and if you are reading this you have taken a giant step in achieving your goal.

I hope you have made time to journal today.

If you haven’t done so, then stop reading this right now and do so, then come back.

Those who have journaled today, I want you to make some time today carefully read through what you’ve written down over the past several days.  

Is there an idea for a bigger story there yet?  If so, summarize any ideas you may have into separate documents and folders.

Some of these ideas will be more developed and more clear than others, but the main thing is that you are beginning to interact with your journal as a source for creative inspiration.

Another way to extract ideas from your journal is to talk with someone you trust about an idea you’ve gotten.  Often, the act of verbalizing a thought helps you to work out bugs in a story idea.  Talking it through with someone can often help you to develop the idea further by offering ideas and suggestions that weren’t initially apparent to you.

Begin to think about your journal, not as an end product, but as a tool that’s meant to spark ideas for larger stories.  Hopefully, you’ve filled in a couple of pages with random notes.  It may also help to use bullet points to keep these random ideas separated.

In a few days we will take the strongest of these ideas and begin the brainstorming phase.

Keep it up, and when it is over you will have the pride of having created something that didn’t exist before, something that was born from your imagination.

See you next time!


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