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11 Great Podcasts from Indie Film NYC

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If you’re on our site, it’s a good chance you’re looking for more information on independent filmmaking.

A great way to get that information is to listen to The Indie Film NYC Podcast.

And be sure to visit our Podcast Page for all the episode show notes.

Here at – we say that we’re looking to Merge the Art & Business of Independent Filmmaking.
How we will accomplish that is by providing visitors to the site with information that they need to get out there and get their projects from the writing stage through distribution. Whether that’s some information on our most preferred screenwriting books, a blog post on how to light a scene or capture clean onset audio, or delving into the myriad of options for the filmmaker who wants to self-distribute their own projects.

In addition, listeners to the podcast will hear real world experiences from filmmakers of all skill levels who are working outside of the traditional Hollywood model. These shared experiences will hope to serve as an organic “master class” with what it really takes to get out there and put the work in to get your project produced and distributed. Because all of us are forging new ground in independent story telling, you will hear the real truth on what worked and what didn’t. I personally had a failed crowdfunding campaign, but through that failure, I was able to take away some pretty big lessons that have helped me shape how I moved ahead after the failure, and how I was able to use that experience to help other people crowdfund their projects.

We hope you’ll participate by sharing your stories and being a part of the conversation. If you’ve got a perspective to share, something you think would benefit the filmmaking community, or if you want to share an exciting new project, please email me at [or add us on twitter @IndieFilmNYC] and we can discuss a way to incorporate your voice into the conversation through an interview, a post or a twitter shout out.

Our hope is that, armed with the emerging tools of digital distribution, we can put the focus back on the artistry of filmmaking and be a part of the next wave of cinema.
Episode_000_newEpisode #000 will give you some insight into what The Indie Film NYC Podcast is and why we created it:

Episode_001Episode #001 is an interview with the screenwriting, producing and acting team of Alex Montaldo & Jeff Musillo and how they got their feature film “In The Ring” into production:

Episode_002altEpisode #002 finds us talking with Scott Fivelson about his feature film mockumentary “Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story”

Episode_003Episode #003 delves heavily into webseries and how writer Michael Field got his membership into the WGA with his series, “The Puzzlemaker’s Son”

Episode #004 gives you some insight in to Sean & Taylor King’s web series Private Sales and how they shot a high quality series with a one person crew.

Episode #005 we talk with Chris Neal and he gives some great advice on developing your story telling abilities to make compelling films that connect with an audience.

IndieFilmNYC Podcast #06Episode #006 I speak with screenwriter Bob Saenz and how he turned his passion for screenwriting into a career that’s continuing to grow.  He tells us how his feature film, “Extracurricular Activities,” a story he wrote over 18 years ago was put into production this year and will be released by a studio in the near future.

Episode #007 I was invited to the set of rapper Timothy Dark’s new music video, “The Future.”  While on set I spoke with Timothy Dark, his Casting Director & AD Jules Cortez, and some of the cast in the video to bring you information on what it takes to make an independent music video.

Episode #008 : Shannon Hamm shares the process of being a working actor in New York City and how to navigate the indie film world while being a SAG actor.

Episode #009: I had the opportunity to speak to Michael E Bierman, a screenwriter from the Atlanta area. Michael is a multi-award winning screenwriter with over 40 awards in top tier international screenwriting contests. His script “Needles” was selected for both Top 10 Scripts for Science Fiction and Top 10 Scripts for Horror by Frank Darabont at the 2015 Austin Film Festival.

Episode #010: dotStudioPro is a way for you to build a distribution platform that is part of a larger community, it’s designed and run entirely by you, and gives you the ability to distribute and syndicate almost anywhere.

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